Podcast: Navigating Longevity, Creativity, Adaptability, and Sustainable Agriculture with Leigh Ann Cleaver

Episode Summary:

Our conversation with Leigh Ann delves into her entrepreneurial journey, tracing her evolution from a rising star to an established figure in her field. We explore what distinguishes Leigh Ann as an exceptional and standout marketer and how she harnesses the strengths of her team to achieve success. Additionally, we delve into the current landscape of media trends, emphasizing storytelling and education, as well as the growing influence of marketing compared to traditional advertising.

In our discussion, we scrutinize a standout marketing plan that has been successfully executed and whether it aligns with winning prestigious awards. We also emphasize the significance of cultivating strong relationships, diligent work ethic, and staying attuned to emerging innovations in the industry.

Furthermore, we indulge in some enjoyable segments, exploring Leigh Ann’s passion for sports. Finally, we compile a list of several agricultural marketing terms and invite Leigh Ann to provide brief insights on how these terms correlate with her journey to success in the field of marketing.

About our guest

Leigh Ann Cleaver has over 28 years of work experience in various roles and companies. Leigh Ann is currently serving as the Executive Vice President, Client Experience and Partner at Mod Op since July 2020. Before that, Leigh Ann founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sage (formerly BCS Communications), which was acquired by Mod Op in 2020. Leigh Ann established Sage in 2003 and provided strategic communications, public relations, advertising, and event planning services to local, national, and international clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to Sage, Leigh Ann worked as a Team Leader at Valentine Radford Advertising, specializing in Bayer Crop Protection. Leigh Ann also served as a Brand Manager at Sprint, a Sr. Account Supervisor at Osborn & Barr Communications working on the John Deere account, and an Account Supervisor at Valentine Radford Advertising, again focusing on Bayer Crop Protection.

Before their time at Valentine Radford Advertising, Leigh Ann worked as an Account Executive at Swanson Russell Associates, where they handled clients in the animal health, agriculture, and healthcare industries. Leigh Ann began their career as an Advertising Sales Account Executive at Telecom USA.

Leigh Ann Cleaver has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a focus on Advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Leigh Ann also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Baker University, specializing in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Additionally, they have pursued coursework for a Master of Arts in Communications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Prior to these higher education experiences, they attended Cottey College and Platteview Senior High School, although the specific degrees or fields of study obtained from these institutions are not provided.

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