ADPR- New Online Advertising Terminology for Agriculture

Agri-marketers, I wanted to introduce a new term ADPR.  ADPR is an enhanced form of Advertising, which allows a PR component for a more robust digital campaign. I created a new term for Advertising with the goal to have marketers critically think about the digital space and how to leverage it, and what it means for company success and development.

Defining the new term ADPR is designed just for the client to adhere to the opportunity to explore what has and what will be effective for a well-rounded multi-level media approach for Agriculture.  Rather than thinking of just a banner ad or a print ad think of the term which not only combines that general advertising message but also allows the growth chance to use PR as an important component to your campaign (adding a video, article or hosting a page with search terms). This means instead of placing just an advertisement you get bonused by running additional PR messages, making it a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 investment of products rather than just purchasing an “advertisement”.

We want the new term to allow a greater window of thinking beyond just Advertising.  When Marketing professionals receive the dreaded call from the “Advertising associate” it is hard to fit in that window with your pitch about what your product is and how it will help them.  For we know what we are but communicating that is the challenge when you use the “Advertising” terminology. If a client receives a call from a tradeshow vendor, they may be more receptive, it is more personal and having a booth at a show is not the same term or aurora of someone selling “Advertising”.

A Recent study found 75% of farmers are on the internet.  73% are connected through desktop or laptop, but 49% use those desktops or laptops for business, while 52% use smart phones or tablets. 24% buy ag inputs off the internet and 19% market through the web. This is important to showcase that if you market your product online consistently you have a 75% chance to reach your target daily, which is significantly higher than a print magazine or trade show which both offer have challenges including logistics, location, and direct reach/frequency.

We run highly popular website portals with great content, while offering solutions for companies to market their products efficiently, effectively and uniquely through a variety of interactive channels. When we ask clients to consider a sponsorship campaign, we are asking you to be a part of our “show”. The list of benefits includes having your company recognized as a sponsor, a suite of different products to leverage to communicate and advertise, while helping to support an industry specific website.  The repetitive approach will create a high-level marketing program for you to effectively build your sales and brand awareness.

To prove the ADPR value try to set up a rating score card rating several attributes which includes many factors overall which could help see where some of the value is.  As I have talked about in many past commentaries it is hard to track and pinpoint an exact level of success for any advertising we do.

Scorecard example:
/10 for exposure
/10 for your metrics (results interpretation)

/10 your perceived site value (how you feel the value of the site and the users)
/10 for branding you feel you have achieved
/10 Customer service
/10 Content/PR
/10 Focus/Position
/10 For Customer feedback/interaction

Advertising and marketing are the engine that drives our brand. Let’s become exuberant about the wonderful tools and technologies at our disposal to achieve success.

Jim Eadie

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