Episode Summary:

-Tiffany talks about her story, and how her agency has become a leading digital media agency for Agriculture
-Tiffany talks about key strategies and expertise for clients
-Tiffany talks about staying ahead of the curb with trends and how Agribusiness professionals can stay ahead
-Tiffany talks about swift solutions to help clients
-Open Floor- Tiffany ends the podcast with her final thoughts
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A  niche-agency model, BLNKPG concentrates on starting from scratch for  each client objective without a templated approach.


“Today’s agency  world is like many other businesses – you have to be big or small, with a  lot of the medium players being absorbed by larger agencies,”  Obrecht-Johnson said. “I wanted to create an agency that spent more time  with an open mind rather than preconceived solutions. Every idea should  be built based on the specific need a client has, no matter the size of  the project. BLNKPG is about a clean slate for every challenge.”