Are you sick of those dreaded media sales calls? Maybe you shouldn’t be! Is it possible that a Boutique Digital Publisher might have a tool that they want to educate you on and help your business grow?  Is it possible that the story goes beyond selling an ad, and might have more to do with creating relationships and presenting creative and outside the box solutions to revolutionize your marketing plan? I believe in further education, learning on the job and in business and to take the time to listen, learn, and grow.

Digital marketing should be part of a fluid strategy. There is a reason why the internet has grown significantly (just as much in Agriculture) as a powerful commutation and influential source.

Below I wanted to touch on some notes about the Value of a Digital Boutique Publisher, and also some misconceptions and myths.

Digital Boutique Publisher, what is it and the value? is a “Boutique” firm, a robust digital magazine, which hosts all of the greatest Industry content in a one stop shop source.  If you are in the Swine Industry you are going to to access popular Commentaries, events, news, leading articles, and tools to increase profitability.  Your customers and potential customers are on Daily, weekly, and monthly. Brainstorm a way to keep that presence and communication in front of them

-What makes us different then a yearly tradeshow or monthly magazine is the commitment to publishing the latest and most enriching content every day.  We prepare our product fresh every day, it is not prepackaged to go in the mail or to the retail outlet.  We spend a great deal of time, energy and pride to release information quick and timely.

-Our websites have direct social media channels sharing news to our audience, thousands of email connections to cover all areas of communication with website users to constantly have an engaging forum and to stay on top of current trends.

-It is important to have your product shown and affiliated with a trusted Industry resource. Having your brand exposed where your customers and potential customers access content daily and weekly. Use marketing tools like email blasts and newsletter marketing to directly communicate with active subscribers.  Digital Ads are perfect for messaging, branding, and repetition, Videos provide interactivity and Sponsored Pages/Content is providing direct access to your expertise and knowledge.

-The true value in digital media is an investment in your brand every day (Repetition, Repetition, Repetition).  Having a position on a leading digital publication is strategic in the sense of always being seen and having coverage.

-We are not just trying to sell an advertisement; we are building relationships and trying to help you with digital solutions. We work closely with clients to provide a high level of service, value and reach, and have a proven track record of helping with key exposure. is a community. Like going to an event where people congregate, we have the same format except the resource is key articles, research and popular commentary. is a library full of thousands of Swine related articles. We are so focused with our content and reach that you need to be positioned among the unique content and searches happening in relation to your product.

-Regardless of size, every successful company is built on proven advertising techniques. Embrace and engage the power of Digital marketing in relation to Boutique Agriculture media publications like

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does” – Steuart Henderson Britt

Misconceptions or Myths:

-Some people feel like if they have Facebook or social media ads that they are covered in digital marketing.  Facebook ads are direct ads for customers to like your product or page, if you increase followers to your page you are buying a fan who might want to buy your product.  Marketing on a specialized digital media publication with us is like Marketing with a Tradeshow (you go because your clients and potential customers are there). Our site users are influenced because we have a community accessing content each day on our site, we are a trusted credible source of information and seeing advertisers there daily build habits and awareness.  It isn’t like a social media ad where you just target them to like your page. On our site you have a larger Producer audience to engage, build a brand and share messages and they always come back for the latest content. Those Producers are accessing our content each day, which helps them with knowledge and profitability.

-My budget has decreased. Smaller budgets are more effective with Digital Marketing. Digital allows more frequency and innovative tools. There are so many tools to use for digital marketing and without expensive print or travel related costs. If you integrate a custom digital approach you will see a higher ROI long term because of the consistency. Digital is flexible and custom!

I can see my customer at a show but it seems invisible online. You cannot compare the physical connection compared to online (numbers are numbers even if they are online). Technology has evolved; we are becoming more comfortable with knowing there is an audience rather than only just physically seeing it. It comes down to a mental approach and education on the product, take the time to learn about the digital product and service. Customers also tend to go online for research and to remain anonymous. Just because you cannot physically see that does not mean activity is not there.

-I need a direct Return on Investment. For any marketing effort there is no “light switch” approach to instant success! It is part of a building block for communication and the repetition required to engage client’s potential customers for trust and credibility. For Print and Tradeshows there are no direct ROI capabilities but at least with digital you can track certain components to show you are getting value.

-Business is good I don’t need to advertise. Five key points to combat that.

  1. If business is strong and money is coming in, you have an available cash flow to support an advertising campaign.
  2. A strong client or customer base removes the unnecessary pressure of “this campaign NEEDS to bring in this many new customers.” When you focus on the end result you tend to lose sight of the path that gets you there in the first place.
  3. In contrast, without that stress you are more likely to “think outside the box” and allow your marketing to be more creative. Creative advertising has a better chance to create an emotional response in potential customers. Emotional responses trigger chemicals in their brain. This helps them remember your brand.
  4. Current customers may have forgotten about other services or products you offer. Use efficient soft selling to gain more of their business. They already trust you or your brand. You’ve won 90% of the battle already.
  5. Advertising works in cycles and may take some time before the prospect becomes a customer. Advertising doesn’t typically make customers want to buy a product or service they aren’t ready for yet. It’s a game of timing. This is why we see the same commercials on television and hear the same radio ads throughout the day. It’s about brand awareness.  If you wait until you are struggling you won’t have the ability to advertise properly.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

Always strive to remain at the forefront of a customer’s mind, if you aren’t, someone else is.

Jim Eadie